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What We Do

At Relics in Situ, we use our experience from academia, corporate business, teaching, and as needlework practitioners to bring history to different audiences. We let history be the guide to understanding embroidery and textiles and women’s lives in the early modern period.

Who We Are

Erin Harvey Moody and Christy Gordon Baty met while undergraduates at the University of California, Berkeley and shared a mutual love of Early Modern material culture. Their later interests evolved into creating Relics in Situ.

After a career in human resources management, Erin focused on training in advanced needlework techniques, textile conservation and historical studies.  Drawing on these experiences, Erin has taught a wide range of classes, seminars and workshops. She is proud to have been a specialized contributor to museum exhibitions and her commissioned work is retained in several museum collections. Erin has a postgraduate certificate in Museum Education from the University of Glasgow, she is currently the Costume and Textiles Technician for the Richmond Museum of History and Culture.  View Erin's CV.

Christy Gordon Baty pursued a career in the financial services sector and website development and management, before transitioning to specializing in early modern history and needlework.  In addition to writing, Christy enjoys and has taught a variety of classes and workshops.  She completed her Masters in History from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, writing her thesis on early modern embroidered book bindings. View Christy's CV.

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