The Jacobean Home

1 day workshop

During the Jacobean and Stuart era, home furnishings grew in importance and flourished liked never before.  The  Jacobean home was a display of social standing as well as a place of increasing comfort and domesticity.  This was the beginning of soft cushions, padded sofas, and opulent embroidery on small items such as mirror frames and caskets.  Crewelwork also outstripped silk embroidery as the dominant choice of materials for household items.

In this workshop we explore the increasing importance of embroidered bed hangings, cushions, pillows, valances, curtains, and other home furnishings through lecture and hands-on technique. We will look at the  socio-economic, political, and religious changes with the Scottish King James I's regime and go in-depth in the specifics of the Jacobean aesthetic and color palette.

Lectures will be interspersed with hands-on instruction stitching a small cushion with hillock, foliage, and animal motifs in period techniques using crewel wools.

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