In the Archives at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

1 hour Lecture

Colonial Williamsburg is the largest living history museum in the world but there is so much more to the collection than the village!  In this lecture, we will take you into the study room at the Bruton Heights Education center to view rarely seen treasures and learn about what they mean in a historical context.

The foundation that supports both the village and the two museums possesses a vast collection of over 70,000 items.  The textile and embroideries in the collection represent all types of needlework including whitework, blackwork, silk and metal thread, crewel and spans over four centuries and several continents.  Unfortunately, most of these pieces will never be seen on display. 


However, Relics in Situ was able to conduct research both in the study lab and in the archives where we were able to examine and photograph these amazing treasures up close.  We’re happy to bring some of our research and photos to you!  You’ll go with us into the archives to discover embroidered pieces that are either too delicate, worn, or large for museum display.  See what discoveries up-close examination can yield including the messy underside and the pinpricks left behind when the silk has worn away.

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