Accessing Collections

1 hour Lecture or half-day hands-on training (3 hour workshop) with additional content including how to put together a study kit, how to handle items, and what to do with your information after you leave.

We all love to see historical needlework in museums, especially because it happens so rarely.  But with the crowds, awkward cases, and low light, you can learn so much more when you look at artifacts up close and free of the barriers of the display case.  And there are hundreds of more pieces will never be brought out for display.


We’re going to teach you how to get to those artifacts that are never shared with the general public: how to go behind the closed doors and into the research labs and study rooms which are only available to a select few.


In this class, you’ll learn how to find items that you want to study at museums, libraries, and private collections.  We’ll teach you how to create a research plan, how to make contacts with the collections professionals and be taken seriously, how to set up a study appointment, and what to bring with you, what to do during your research, and even how to build a rapport when you’re there.  With these tools, you’ll be able to unlock the key to those collections and access hidden treasures for your own research.


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